​Children's Heart Center


A diagnosis of a heart condition in a child is a frightening experience for any family. The best outcome depends on whom you trust to deliver the best possible care.

At the Children’s Heart Center, we offer the best care for young hearts. As the state’s premier pediatric heart team – with more than 150 highly specialized staff members in multiple complementary disciplines – we offer the most comprehensive methods in the state to identify and correct a broad range of heart conditions, for children and adults. Our forward-thinking approach to care and treatment means that we employ innovative technology and progressive techniques to better serve our patients. We’re devoted to caring for the smallest hearts and the most complex congenital heart cases.

We Treat

Congenital Heart Disease
Conditions caused by structural problems present before birth

Acquired Heart Disease
Conditions caused by health problems occurring after birth

Heart Murmurs ​and Arrhythmias
Irregularities that may or may not be caused by a heart condition

We Offer

Patient-Centered Care
Everything we do, we do for our patients. Our doctors, nurses and staff do everything they can to provide for patients’ and their families’ needs. We have Oklahoma’s largest child life program, with specialists trained in communication, education, therapy and support. We foster an uplifting, compassionate environment that makes time at the center as beneficial as possible.

Highly Specialized Services
Our reputation stems from our commitment to providing the broadest range of services, many found nowhere else in the state. Whatever the situation, we have the means to understand it and correct it.

Experienced Providers
Our comprehensive team of pediatric experts is the state’s best group for pediatric cardiac care. We’ve gathered the field’s top minds and placed them in an interdisciplinary environment to help further our mission: ensuring only the best care is provided, every single time.

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