​Children's Heart Center

Clinic Visit

Thank you for choosing the Children’s Heart Center to provide you with subspecialty care and services. We encourage you to review the information below to prepare for your upcoming visit.

Planning for Your Visit

  • Be able to provide the name, address and contact information for the physician and/or practice that referred the patient for the appointment.
  • Be able to provide copies of medical records from the referring physician that are applicable to the appointment (e.g., office notes, laboratory reports, imaging data, etc.). Note: It is not necessary to request records from providers who are part of the OU Children’s Physicians practice and are also affiliated with the Children’s Hospital.
  • Be able to provide information about the patient’s personal health history, including developmental milestones, chronic illnesses, surgeries, hospitalizations and medications.
  • Be able to provide information about the health history of the patient’s family members, including medical or developmental concerns, pregnancy losses, birth defects, age/cause of death and other pertinent information.
  • Complete and bring the New Patient Questionnaire or Established Patient Questionnaire as appropriate to your scheduled visit. 
  • Locate current health insurance card(s) and bring them to the visit. For questions about your specific insurance coverage or details about billing:

OU Physicians Patient Accounts
O'Donoghue Research Institute
1122 NE 13th Street, Room 200
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Phone: 405-271-1500 or Toll Free: 866-241-9546

  • On the day of the appointment, take all regularly prescribed medications unless instructed otherwise by a member of the Children’s Heart Center team.
  • Patients are welcome to bring a family member, caretaker or friend to their appointment. Please be advised that no more than two individuals at a time will be allowed to accompany the patient to any given clinical service area.
  • During your visit, your specialty provider may ask to meet with just you and/or you and your legal guardian in order to obtain private medical history information.


  • The address of the OU Children’s Physicians building is 1200 Children’s Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73104.
  • Free valet parking is available at the main ground-level entrance to the Atrium of the Children’s facilities. This entrance is located immediately east of Children’s Avenue.
  • The Children’s Heart Center clinic is located in ​area 2F, which is on the same floor and just to the north of the main entrance to the Atrium.
  • Garage parking can be accessed using the south entrance on Northwest 10th Street and can be validated at your appointment.
  • Click here for a map and instructions to the clinic.
  • Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes early to allow for parking, finding your way to the check-in location and completing the check-in process prior to the scheduled appointment time.
  • Check in at the Children’s Heart Center Clinic located on Level 2, Station F, of the OU Children’s Physicians building.

Once You Arrive

A clinic visit at the Children’s Heart Center is often more detailed and time-consuming than those appointments you or your child may have experienced with your primary care provider or even at other specialist visits. Please keep in mind that the total duration of your appointment is dependent upon the type and quantity of services that are planned or found to be necessary by the provider during your visit. On the average, the total amount of time required for this type of visit ranges from two to three hours.

A typical visit will involve a number of clinical activities, starting with obtaining information about the patient’s current clinical condition, documentation of symptoms and pertinent medical history, body systems review and a thorough examination by one of our specialty providers.

Based on the provider’s clinical findings and impressions, it may be necessary for the patient to be referred for further diagnostic testing. Below is a list of some of the tests that are most commonly ordered to help our providers arrive at a definitive diagnosis.

After the testing is completed, your specialty provider will visit with you to go over the test results and finalize the individualized care and treatment plan to be implemented.

Children's Heart Center Clinic

After You Leave

The Children’s Heart Center team will follow up to coordinate any additional testing or treatment that may be required, as well as communicate any results that may still be pending. Keep in mind that some results may take four to six weeks before they become available.

Shortly after the clinic visit, you and your child’s primary doctor will receive a letter that summarizes the information that was discussed. Follow-up visits will be arranged as necessary to discuss diagnoses or go over additional care and treatment recommendations. Patients and family are encouraged to contact the Children’s Heart Center to discuss unanswered questions or concerns.