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Why Choose Us

The Amazing Heart

As the hardest working muscle in the body, the heart never really stops. Each day, it pumps nearly 200 gallons of blood to keep all of the body’s systems functioning. But the importance of the heart goes well beyond the more obvious physical aspects of its purpose. It is truly our most celebrated and vital organ.

The Children’s Heart Center recognizes both the physical and emotional importance of the heart. That’s why our program has been recognized as the premier provider of cardiac care for children in the state of Oklahoma for more than 60 years, and why patients throughout the state – and even across the country – are referred to us for care.

Children's Heart Center Clinic

Multidisciplinary Heart Care

Traditionally, the different departments in heart centers tend to function as separate entities. At the Children’s Heart Center, we’ve chosen to adopt a more modern, open-concept approach to the structure and design of our care and treatment services.

The five subspecialties listed below serve as the pillars of the Children’s Heart Center, as well as provide the diverse multidisciplinary infrastructure required to adapt to the ever-changing needs of an evolving patient population that ranges from birth to late adulthood.