​Children's Heart Center

Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia

Our cardiac anesthesia team provides anesthesia and specialized sedation services for almost every procedure involving the care and treatment of patients with congenital cardiac defects.

Staffed by a group of experienced, board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists, our team works closely with our cardiac surgeons and cardiologists to ensure that each patient is comfortable, pain-free, safe and hemodynamically stable throughout the course of every procedure.

The work of our anesthesia team starts long before the patient enters the designated procedure area and continues well after the procedure is complete. A member of the team meets with patients and their families prior to every procedure to discuss the elements of the care plan that pertain to anesthesia or sedation services. During this time, the team shares an overview of what will occur during and after the procedure, answers questions and completes an assessment to help determine if the patient meets all the appropriate physical criteria to safely proceed with the planned procedure.

During the administration of general anesthesia or specialized sedation, the anesthesia team monitors all vital functions. Team members follow patients throughout their procedure until they are transferred to the care of the post-anesthesia care unit, step-down recovery room or cardiac-specific nursing unit. Our anesthesia team is also closely involved with post-operative pain management and works with other members of the multidisciplinary care team to ensure patients are as comfortable and pain-free as possible.