​Children's Heart Center

Pediatric Cardiac Nursing

Evidence-based practice, continuing education and nursing research serve as the core elements of our pediatric cardiac nursing practice. Our cardiac nurses serve in a variety of locations and roles, all of which actively engage in initiatives that will lead to improved care and superior outcomes.

PICU nurse

Families and patients receiving care in our emergency department, neonatal intensive care unit, pediatric intensive care unit, medical-surgical unit or a host of other service-delivery locations will encounter nurses who are passionate about their work and possess the knowledge, skills, abilities and expertise to provide developmentally appropriate, personalized care to each and every patient they serve.

Our cardiac nursing team includes staff nurses, nurse educators, clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners who collaborate with professionals from a variety of disciplines. We foster open discussion with our patients and their families to sustain an effective healing environment that meets each child’s physical and emotional needs.