​Children's Heart Center

Fetal Heart Program

Today, approximately one out of every 100 newborns are found to have a congenital heart defect. Although heart defects are one of the most common abnormalities identified at birth, the majority of children who are properly diagnosed and treated are able to lead active and productive lives well into adulthood. It is with this knowledge that we’ve made early detection the primary focus of our fetal heart program.

Through various tests, consultations and continuous care, we are able to provide the most comprehensive multidisciplinary fetal cardiac care in the state. Our program also emphasizes family-centered education and counseling to provide recommendations and information about treatment options every step of the way.

By maintaining this level of focus across the continuum of care, our program is able to greatly improve the overall quality of care and prognoses for babies diagnosed with congenital heart disease during the prenatal period.