Clinical Decision Making Program

General Statement
The purpose of the Program in Clinical Decision Making is to promote good clinical decision making in family medicine through teaching and research applying decision theory (cost effectiveness analysis and decision analysis) and the psychology of judgment and decision making.

The domain of knowledge includes decision theory, psychology, and medicine, with input from other fields as appropriate.

Teaching includes the direct instruction of medical students, residents, staff, and doctors (continuing medical education), as well as the development of teaching materials that can be used by other teachers or by students in self-instruction.

Research within the scope of the program addresses both particular medical decisions (decision analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis) and the medical decision making process (judgment and decision making psychology addressing how doctors and staff, patients and families think when making decisions about disease and health; sociology and economics addressing how institutions, society, and culture support good medical decision making).


  • Robert M. Hamm, PhD
  • Dewey C. Scheid, MD, MPH

Previous Research Assistants

  • Joseph C. Hudson
  • Sharon Hsieh
  • Michelle Rogers
  • Kelly Juniper
  • Rilla Walker
  • Talia Magrill
  • Michaela Park
  • David Bard
  • Renee DuPont-Patrick
  • Pooja Singhal
  • Hesham Aboshady
  • Jennifer Chrisman
  • Jessica Sieck
  • Manoj Jain
  • Marlo Taylor
  • Mellissa McEachern
  • Crystal Turner
  • Cara Vaught