Funding: Toney Welborn, MD, MPH, MS

Completed Research Support

HHSA290 2007100091               (Mold PI)                                                  09/01/2010 – 08/31/2012
Integrating Primary Care Practices and Community-Based Programs to Manage Obesity.
This project will link primary care practices (PCPs) throughout Oklahoma with county-based nutrition education programs (NEPs) offered by the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Family and Consumer Sciences (OCES-FCS) Division. This project will track the success of referral initiation, patient enrollment in the nutrition programs, and patient, physician, and nutrition educator satisfaction.
Role: Co-Investigator  

20090655                                    (Mold PI)                                                  07/01/2010 – 06/30/2012
Oklahoma Healthcare Authority
Linking Primary Care Practices and Community-Based Nutrition Education Programs
The goal of this project is to facilitate and thereby increase referrals, from selected primary care practices throughout Oklahoma, of SoonerCare CHOICE patients at risk for obesity related health issues
Role: Co-Investigator  

00311                                          (Welborn PI)                                             09/01/2009 – ​08/31/2011
Lynn Health Science Institute
Photovoice The goal of this project is to inspire and educate grade school students in public health. The project utilizes photography as the voice of the students. Students identify barriers in their environment to living a healthy lifestyle. Students then work towards resolution of these barriers through community action. Current student projects include sidewalk repair, outdoor weather shelter erection, cooking classes for kids, painting a mural in a tunnel to increase safety and cleanliness and revitalizing a school garden.
Role: Principal Investigator  

00311                                          (Welborn PI)                                             09/01/2009 – 08/31/2011
Lynn Health Science Institute
Community Research to Address Obesity
The goal of this project is to develop partnerships with community organizations to identify and research methods of combating obesity in the community setting.
Role: Principal Investigator    

20090655                                    (Mold PI)                                                  07/01/2009 – 06/30/2010
Oklahoma Healthcare Authority
Increasing EPSDT Completion Rates in Primary Care Practices
The goal of this project is to improve EPSDT rates and quality using academic detailing, audits with feedback, practice facilitation, and quality circles throughout the state of Oklahoma.
Role: Co-Investigator  

C7039301                                   (Ramakrishnan PI)                                   10/01/2006 – 09/30/2009 DHHS/PHS/AHRQ through Olmsted Medical Center
TRPPD: Translating Screening and Management of PPD into Primary Care
This project, a subcontract with Olmsted Medical Center and funded by AHRQ, will examine screening tools and the effectiveness of these tools when screening for post-partum depression in the family physician's office. Role: Research Study Coordinator    

Lynn Health Sciences Institute                                                                                               2009 – 2011 Community based obesity prevention and treatment research.