The Clinical Decision Making (CDM) calculators are of the following types:

Judgment Research Calculators
Decision Analysis Calculators
Disease/Test Relation Calculators
Exposure/Disease Relation Calculators
Treatment/Outcome Relation Calculators
Calculators Useful in the Clinic
Statistics Calculators

Tutorials for some of the calculators

Comparison of Web-based versus spreadsheet calculators. (Presented at Aerospace Human Factors Society meetings, Detroit, May 20, 1999.)

Each spreadsheet performs a common calculation useful for clinical decisions or for analyzing data pertinent to clinical decisions.

You must download the files, then run them using your own spreadsheet program. Hold down the mouse button (PC - right button) and select "Save link as..." to download the file. These are Excel files, and their extension is .XLS or .XLSX. They run on Macintosh or DOS/Windows computers.

After you have downloaded the files, you might find it necessary to open your spreadsheet, then load the file using the spreadsheet's "open" command, rather than clicking on the name of the file, because your operating system may not recognize that an ".XLS" file is a spreadsheet file.

If your browser does not download these correctly when you click on them.

These calculator spreadsheets are made available by Robert Hamm, PhD.

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