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95% confidence intervals

You specify the confidence interval you are interested in, it calculates the interval around an effect size estimate for: differences, relative risk, relative risk reduction, and odds ratio.


Confidence interval for probabilities, proportions

You specify the number of events and the total number of observations, it calculates the confidence interval for that probability.


Fisher z-transformation for doing statistical tests on correlations

You specify correlation, it produces Fisher's Z transformation. And the reverse.


Logit and logistic functions demonstrated

You state a number, it produces the logit; likewise for the logistic function (inverse of the logit). Demonstrates the basis of logistic regression for predicting the probability of a category.


Odds and probabilities

Translates between odds and probabilities. Graphs the relations.


Chi-squared test

Calculates Chi-squared statistic and probability for 2 by n tables, for n = 2 through 7.


Rate or Proportion Confidence Interval & Power Estimation Calculator

Calculate the power that a rate will exceed a target rate given N.


Triplet Triangulator

Places a triplet of numbers in trilinear coordinates within a triangle.