Reproductive Aging

Novel Predictors of ART Outcomes:

This research study is an investigator initiated trial that focuses on evaluating a woman's future reproductive potential. It was designed to look at and assess reproductive age by the number and quality of oocytes (eggs) obtained during an IVF cycle.

If you agree to participate in this study, your height, weight, ethnicity, and age will be collected.  On cycle day 2 we will draw a sample of blood.  A transvaginal ultrasound scan will be done to evaluate the ovaries. 

If you take part in this study, the IVF process will be conducted exactly as if you were not going to participate. 

The study sponsor will only pay for all costs related to your participation in this study with the exception of all medications, the pre-screening tests that would normally be part of the IVF process, and the IVF procedure itself, which will be the responsibility of you or your insurance company.

Principal Investigator:    Karl Hansen, MD, PhD                

Co Investigator:             LaTasha Craig, MD

Funding Source:             OU Physicians Reproductive Medicine

IRB Number:                14785