Patient Materials

Breastfeeding Hotline - 1 (877) 271-MILK (6755)

This hotline is operated 24/7 by OUHSC Lactation. It is toll free and sponsored by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Callers leave urgent or non-urgent messages that will be returned by a registered lactation consultant (IBCLC, RLC). Non-urgent calls are returned during business hours, urgent calls within 1 hour. Mothers, family members and health care professionals are encouraged to call with any breastfeeding questions.

OK Breastfeeding Hotline Flyers: English and Spanish

 Online Resources

Teach Me How to Breastfeed (You Tube)

The Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition and Live Well Omaha Kids have teamed up to develop Really? Really, an online breastfeeding resource for mothers, mothers-to-be, their families, and health care providers. The resource includes information on skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding initiation in the first hour after birth, as well as shareable social media images.

Your Guide to Breastfeeding, USDHHS Office of Women's Health

AAP Parent Site on Breastfeeding

AAFP Resources for Parents

New Dad Manual:

Just 4 Teens website

Prenatal Class Videos: This 2 ½ minute video from Lamaze educates families about the importance of skin to skin contact and keeping baby with mom after birth.



OSDH Resouces:

Oklahoma Lactation Consultants Resource Guide

Alternative Feeding Methods Flyer (finger feeding, cup feeding, bottle feeding, SNS)

Bedside Breastfeeding Plan

Breastfeeding and Returning to Work

The Joint Commission: Speak Up for Breastfeeding

ILCA Resources:

Safe Sleep for Your Baby Pamphlet - Spanish African American - American Indian

Breastfeeding Bill of Rights: Illinois Breastfeeding Taskforce

These two letters provide an easy way for mothers to give the hospital feedback on how well the hospital put the Breastfeeding Bill of Rights into practice-and give the mothers the opportunity to tell their stories:

 Safe Storage of Breast Milk during a Power Outage 


Rocket Scientist - depicts an African-American baby with the caption: "Rocket Scientist - Breastfeeding Makes Babies Smarter"

Slim Faster - English and Spanish - depicts a mother and baby with the caption: "Slim Faster - Breastfeeding burns calories"

The Joint Commission: Speak Up for Breastfeeding 

  • This poster can also be printed as a handout to give to families. Recommended for prenatal and postpartum use.

  • Employee Rights: Breastfeeding Support is the Law

    WIC Information/Forms

    WIC Participant Electric Breast Pump Referral FormEnglish  - Spanish 

    This form is used to provide documentation of a WIC breastfeeding mother's need for an electric breast pump. This form provides documentation to WIC clinic staff that a WIC breastfeeding mother has already received instruction on the use and operation of a Medela Lactina or Symphony Electric Breast Pump. The recent revision to this form, (bottom boxed section) provides documentation of the mother's permission for someone else to pick up her breast pump at the WIC clinic. Instructions for using this form are on the second page.

    Important Reminders: 
    • Moms must be currently enrolled in the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) WIC program before a pump can be issued from an OSDH WIC clinic. If mom wishes to apply for WIC, please give her the toll free number 1-888-655-2942 to find a clinic in her area. 
    • When a referral form is given to a WIC participant please ask her to first call her clinic to check on availability of pumps before going to the clinic. Clinic staff may need to schedule an appointment to issue a breast pump.