Academy of Teaching Scholars

Mission Statement

To nurture, recognize, and reward teaching excellence, evidence-based instruction, and scholarship in teaching and learning through faculty development, advocacy, collaboration, and innovation.


  1. Recognize/reward teaching excellence and promote the value of teaching
  2. Develop and advance the skills of College of Medicine educators
  3. Recognize/reward teaching improvements and accomplishments
  4. Promote educational research
  5. Assist with faculty advancement (promotion and tenure, regional, national, and international programs, regional, national, and international awards)


The Academy of Teaching Scholars is governed by an Executive Committee chaired by the Academy Chair. This committee is comprised of the Chairs of the Sub-Committees, Vice Chair, Past Chair, the Director of the Academy, and a representative from the School of Community Medicine (SCM).

The subcommittees serve the Academy and further the educational mission of the COM. The committees include Faculty Development, Education; Recognition and Awards; Membership and Standards, and Mentoring and Scholarship. These committees provide the opportunity for members to ensure the viability of The Academy and fulfill their service commitment.

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Who can come to ATS events?

Anyone! The Academy of Teaching Scholars welcomes staff and faculty from all colleges, departments, and disciplines to attend our events.

We offer up to 25 faculty development and educational events each year at no cost to the attendees

Contact the Academy of Teaching Scholars by emailing