Peer Assessment of
Clinical Training (PACT)


You and one trained PACT peer reviewer 


PACT Reviewer will observe you teaching in the clinical setting  and provide you with confidential, formative feedback vis a rubric that has been tested, validated and published. 

Click here to view the PACT rubric PACT resource citation below.

Citation: Samantha Halman, Nancy Dudek, Timothy Wood, Debra Pugh, Claire Touchie, Sean McAleer & Susan Humphrey-Murto (2016) Direct Observation of Clinical Skills Feedback Scale: Development and Validity Evidence, Teaching and Learning in Medicine, 28:4, 385-394, DOI: 10.1080/10401334.2016.1186552.


Clinical teaching setting of your choice


This program is designed to help improve the effectiveness of your teaching through trained peer mentoring. 


The Process:

1.       The Clinical Skills Feed Back Rubric will be used.
2.       The Director of ATS, Alix Darden, PhD, MEd, will assign a PACT reviewer to you.
3.       The PACT reviewer will contact you to discuss the criteria.
4.       The PACT reviewer will attend your clinical teaching session.
5.       The PACT reviewer will debrief you and provide written comments.
6.       ALL feedback will remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone other than you. (You may request a letter of completion to verify participation in PACT.)

To request a consultation: email ​Joanna Horner at