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The curriculum has two phases, didactic training and clinical rotations.

Didactic Training
The Didactic training begins in early June and lasts for 15 months.  Students are exposed to a vigorous training schedule with classes held from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday with occasional evening and Saturday classes.

Credit Hours: 

  • Summer: 10                                 
  • Fall: 23
  • Spring: 23
  • Summer/Fall: 17
  • Total: 73 Credit hours


Clinical Rotations

Clinical Rotations begin in October, last 12 months and contain 54 credit hours. 

Rotations include: 

  • Pediatrics: One- 4 Week Rotation
  • Surgery: One- 4 Week Rotation
  • Primary Care/Family Medicine:  Two- 4 Week Rotations
  • Mental Health:  One- 4 Week Rotation
  • Internal Medicine: Two- 4 Week Rotations
  • Emergency Medicine: Two- 4 Week Rotations
  • Women's Health:  One- 4 Week Rotation
  • Clinical Elective 1:  Two- 4 Week Rotation

Total number of program credit hours: 127 credit hours

Course of Study- Class of 2019

Course of Study-Class of 2020

Course of Study-Class of 2021


All rotations are within the state of Oklahoma. Rotation sites are selected by the PA Program and the student is not required to secure their own rotation sites. Students are required to provide their own travel and housing.

Work Policy: 

Students are highly discouraged from participating in extra-curricular employment. History demonstrates these students are at high risk of dismissal due to poor academic performance attributed to the time conflicts that outside employment brings.  

  • PA students are not required to work for the PA program.
  • PA students do not substitute for or function as instructional faculty. Students may share their previous health care knowledge and skills with students informally but will not be required to provide lectures.
  • PA students are not required and should never substitute for clinical or administrative staff during clinical rotations.

PA students are strongly discouraged from outside employment while enrolled in the program. Course work or days missed as a result of outside employment will not be excused.