Car-T Therapy at OU Medicine

A groundbreaking cancer treatment option called CAR-T therapy is now available at OU Medicine, and we are the only source for CAR-T therapy in the state and broader region.

CAR-T therapy is a game-changer for cancer treatment. It’s shorthand for a procedure that removes T-cells from your blood and re-engineers them as disease-fighting super-soldiers. When the T-cells are injected back into your bloodstream, they are better equipped to attack and kill the cancer cells in your body. The American Society of Clinical Oncology named CAR-T therapy the Advance of the Year in 2018.

CAR-T therapy is available for adult cancer patients with advanced lymphomas. Researchers at OU Medicine and around the world are studying the effectiveness of CAR-T in treating other types of cancer.

Stephenson Cancer Center is a national leader in research, clinical trials and patient care. Whether you are a patient facing a new cancer diagnosis or seeking a second opinion, our cancer care team is ready to meet with you.

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The Stephenson Cancer Center is Oklahoma’s only NCI-designated cancer center and a part of OU Medicine, a comprehensive academic health system. 

These important distinctions are the foundation through which we offer groundbreaking therapies like CAR-T therapy. Even with a complex cancer diagnosis, patients can remain in Oklahoma and receive the same high level of care available anywhere in the U.S.

How does C​AR-T therapy work?

Car t cells for cancer therapy

CAR-T cells and TCR-T cells are engineered to produce special receptors on their surfaces. They are then expanded in the laboratory and returned to the patient. Read more.

Credit: National Cancer Institute

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