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Diversity Student Council with Dr. S new

Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement staff and student council representatives

The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine is opening new frontiers in education, research and patient care. Our mission is leading healthcare in education, research and patient care. Our goals are uncompromising quality, exceptional service, innovative education, advancing knowledge and institutional strength.

As part of the ongoing efforts regarding diversity and inclusion within the College of Medicine, the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement (ODICE) was created by the Office of the Dean to further enhance its commitment to recruiting and retaining a diverse student body. The office works closely with the University of Oklahoma, as well as the Health Science Center Office of Diversity & Inclusion to enhance and preserve diversity and inclusion within the HSC campus and to continue to cultivate meaningful relationships with the surrounding community through outreach initiatives. The College of Medicine will now directly manage the diversity initiatives for its students by planning, implementing, and evaluating strategies to further diversity and inclusion. ODICE will routinely engage in ongoing, systematic, and focused recruitment and retention activities to achieve our mission focused outcomes among students. Our team consists of the Assistant Dean for Diversity, Dr. Roberto Salinas, MD, and Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator for Student Diversity, Candice Teets.

Roberto Salinas, M.D.
Assistant Dean for Diversity
OU College of Medicine

Diversity Statement


The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine (OUCOM) is committed to advancing diversity at all
levels. OUCOM recognizes that the inclusion of talented individuals from different backgrounds benefits
medical education, patient care, population health, and scientific discovery.

Diversity and the College Mission 

In keeping with OU Medicine’s mission “Leading Health Care – in patient care, education, and research…,” the OUCOM Diversity Alliance seeks to leverage the transformative power of equity and diversity through pipeline programs, mentorship, faculty recruitment, research, and community engagement for the advancement of excellence in healthcare, medical education, and health equity for all residents in the state of Oklahoma.

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