What makes OU College of Medicine so unique?

OU r mission is leading health care- in education, research and patient care. Our goals are uncompromising quality, exceptional service, innovative education, advancing knowledge and institutional strength. The University of Oklahoma is truly a special place- opening new frontiers in education, research and patient care. The College of Medicine fosters a student-centered culture that values the feedback and contributions of our medical students. Listed below are just a few reasons why our medical students believe the University of Oklahoma is such a special place.

Innovative Technology

two medical students examine an x-ray at the Clinical Skills CenteropenQuoteThe CSETC provides a valuble aspect of our medical education. Standardized patients are unmatched in their help preparing students for clinical rotations and Step 2 CS. Additionally, the state-of-the-art simulators provide further procedural training not only for medical students, but residents as well.closeQuote
Chesney Burgweger, ‘18

Dedicated Faculty

a medical student shares her thoughts on the strengths of the College of MedicineopenQuote The large amount of interaction between students and professors during my first two years at OU was unexpected but so beneficial. Students have open communication with lecturers and course directors and there are a variety of ways that students can influence and improve their education. Surveys allow students to provide honest and constructive feedback and student elected curriculum chairs provide another route of communication between course directors and students.closeQuote
Shana Usiukiewicz, ‘20

Student-Centered Culture

three medical students engage in a discussion during standardized patient interviewsopenQuote The people you surround yourself with really shape your medical school experience. The mod system is a great way for students to find comfort and camaraderie since you are all going through similar struggles with coursework and rotations. I can definiely say that I have made lifelong friends throughout my experience at the College of Medicine and a large part of that is due to the mod system.closeQuote
Christina Nguyen, ‘18

Strong Community

two medical students perform a procedure on the human patient simulator at the Clinical Skills CenteropenQuote The College of Medicine fosters what is perhaps the best sense of community in the nation. The modules within the college exemplify this idea not only academically, but also socially, by providing a sense of “home” while on campus. This idea of community is also furthered by events throughout the OUHSC campus which provide a firsthand glimpse at the teamwork that is needed in providing modern healthcare.closeQuote
Talib Chaudhry, ‘20