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Program Cost and Financial Aid Refunds

Please see below the estimated cost of the OKC Physician Associate Program.  The charts below are from the OUHSC Financial Aid & Bursars office.  Actual tuition and fees will vary depending on the number of hours and courses the student is enrolled in per term. 

**Other expenses not included below: Criminal background check (annually), Urine drug screening (annually), Medical equipment (first term), Student organization/Profession organization memberships (optional).

2019_2020 Tuition and Fees

2019_2020 Financial Aid

If you need more information in regards to Financial Aid and/or Tuition and Fees please feel free to visit the websites for Financial Aid or the Bursar Services.  You may also email us at infookc-pa@ouhsc.edu.

For information on the Institution Refund Policy please refer to the Bursar Services site and the Student Handbook. Student refunds are connected to those who receive financial aid disbursements. 

Enrollment Changes: Course Drop/University Withdraw

The student is responsible to submit required University paperwork before the deadlines shown in the Academic Calendar online. Enrollment change forms are available on the Admissions and Records website. Please click (Here) to access them.