Career Advising ​& Mentor Program

The Career Advising and Mentoring Program (CAMP), assists students throughout all four years in choosing a medical career best suited for them.

Mentor Program:
At the end of their second year or beginning of their third year, all students are assigned or select a clinical faculty advisor in their designated field of specialty. These advisors help students access information about their desired specialty, or make informed decisions about future careers if undecided.  Advisors help students create fourth year schedules, apply to residency programs, and prepare for residency interviews. 

Annual Career Fair:
An annual Career Fair links third year students (or interested MS1s and MS2s) with Residency Training Directors to obtain information about careers.

Annual Workshops:

  • MS2 USMLE preparation workshop
  • MS3 Match preparation workshop
  • MS3 meeting on electives
  • MS4 meeting on ERAS and residency applications
  • MS4 Residency Training Director panel