Computer Technical Support

All students in the OU College of Medicine are required to own a laptop computer to access the extensive online resources available through the college's Hippocrates website as well as other computer-based resources including online quizzes and exams. For those students receiving financial aid, funds are available each year of medical school to cover computer costs. If your current computer is less than 3 or 4 years old it should be adequate, assuming it meets these "bare minimum" requirements:  

Windows or Mac?
Some resources may not be Mac-compatible (it's a bit of a moving target, so it's hard to say). For this reason we recommend a Microsoft Windows-based laptop. If you choose to go with a Mac, consider installing Windows via Parallels or Bootcamp. 

Laptop Recommendations for Windows Computers
i5 or i7 Intel Processor
Microsoft Windows 7
4.0Gb RAM
15" Video Display
120Gb Hard Drive
256Mb Video Memory
10/100 BASE-T Ethernet Port
Wireless Card that supports 802.11b/g
Carrying Case/Backpack
3 Year Warranty

Optional Additions
Accidental Damage Coverage
Theft Recovery Software
USB Flash Drive (Secure if storing PHI)
External Backup Hard Drive
Extra A/C Adapter for Laptop Users
Laser Printer

For recommended configurations and special discount pricing from Dell, see

Free Microsoft Office & Windows Software
Information Technology on the HSC campus is making Microsoft Office (for PC or Mac) and the Microsoft Windows Ultimate upgrade available to students completely free. Just login to download the software.

Information Technology
Get help managing your OUHSC user account, configuring your laptop for wi-fi and other IT services

IT Service Desk
Location: Student Union, Room 105, 1106 N. Stonewall
Phone: 405-271-2203 (Toll Free 1-888-435-7486) 
Office Hours: 8:00AM – 5:00PM, Monday – Friday
Information Technology also provides an online knowledge-base for answering your questions about HSC Information Technology resources and services