March 6, 2019

Dear Corporate Challenge Colleagues:

Last year we celebrated the 30th and final year of the OU Medicine Corporate Challenge, a longstanding tradition in the corporate community. For these three decades, the annual event presented by OU Medicine offered a unique activity focused on athletic competition. Bringing members of the business community together in celebration of sportsmanship and physical wellness, we saw the event evolve to include a philanthropic element, embraced and generously supported by participant companies. Your support through the years has helped to strengthen corporate and civic communities. In all its components – competition, volunteerism, philanthropy and camaraderie – Corporate Challenge has been a success and a source of pride for all its participants.

As the needs of our own local culture and communities shift, there is great opportunity to envision something new. The Central Oklahoma Health Improvement Workgroup (COHIW), comprised of several community health leaders, holds much promise as a collaborative opportunity to shape community health for the next generation and beyond. Working with COHIW, OU Medicine leaders envision the ability to join forces with the state’s health leaders to create something new. We seek to preserve corporate health and well-being through a new community event that will improve the lives of all people. 

It is our intent to preserve and promote our partnership with UCO and Endeavor Games, traditionally the beneficiary of the Corporate Challenge fundraising effort. Through our involvement with Endeavor Games, 2,143 athletes with physical disabilities, 683 disabled service men and women, and more than 3,500 friends and family members of our athletes have experienced its impact. We hope that many of our Corporate Challenge friends will seek appropriate avenues to do likewise.

Now, OU Medicine looks forward to continuing to partner with you, as we innovate approaches to bridge gaps, strengthen communities and enrich quality of life across the state.