2014 Co-ed Swimming Relay

Division 1
Team #Team NameTimePlace
102Lighthouse Sports, Fitness & Health00:02:02.161
108Marathon Oil Corporation00:02:13.872
105Grant Thornton, LLP00:02:29.303
107XTO Energy00:03:08.324
101FAST Enterprises00:03:16.525
104Northstar Properties00:03:18.066
Division 2
Team #Team NameTimePlace
206LINN Energy00:02:04.711
204Oklahoma Sports & Orthopedic Inst.00:02:44.742
207Coreslab Structures (OKLA) Inc.00:03:28.454
Division 3
Team #Team NameTimePlace
303Griffin Commun./News 9 & News on 600:02:28.961
309Dental Depot00:02:41.632
304180 Medical, Inc.00:02:42.033
302Mustang Fuel Corporation00:02:49.484
308Chaparral Energy00:02:53.565
Division 4
Team #Team NameTimePlace
408SandRidge Energy00:01:59.311
409Love's Travel Stops00:02:14.022
405G.E. Oil & Gas00:02:20.463
401American Energy Partners00:02:20.664
406Oklahoma City University00:02:44.625
Division 5
Team #Team NameTimePlace
508Chesapeake Energy00:01:52.531
511INTEGRIS Health00:02:11.362
504American Fidelity00:02:14.203
506The Boeing Company00:02:58.115

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