Welcome to the Clinical Skills Education & Testing Center

The Clinical Skills Education & Testing Center (CSETC) enhances clinical 
training in an educational environment that promotes excellence in teaching 
and learning.

While classroom learning is essential to an effective, high-quality medical program, reality-based learning, like students receive at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine's Clinical Skills Education & Testing Center (CSETC), plays a vital role in developing solid clinical and critical thinking skills.

The CSETC offers its students an unparalleled medical educational experience, preparing the professionals who will shape the future of health care delivery.

The OU College of Medicine encourages utilization of the CSETC's facilities by all College of Medicine-related clinical groups. The CSETC is part of the Office of Medical Education (OME) and is a critical part of the educational mission of the College of Medicine. Faculty and staff of the CSETC are available to help develop and implement learning opportunities.

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