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Anesthesiology Residency

The Department of Anesthesiology offers an ABA and ACGME approved residency program consisting of a comprehensive continuum of education and experience in Anesthesiology from the clinical base year (PGY-1) to the CA-3 year (PGY-4) and beyond.

Two approved CA-4 (PGY-5) fellowships are also available, a Pain Medicine Fellowship and Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, with a Neuroanesthesiology Fellowship just beginning.

Anesthesiologists are involved in all areas of the medical care of surgical, obstetric, and critically ill patients. Outside the operating room, Anesthesiologists are involved in preoperative assessment, pain management and intensive care medicine. Therefore, the training of potential Anesthesiologists is both broad and intense. In the department of Anesthesiology, we strive to provide highly qualified residents a state-of-the-art training continuum that will not only produce skilled clinicians but scholars able to assimilate the ever changing field of medical science into their practice.

The residency experience is only an initial segment on a lifetime journey of education that will extend throughout the anesthesiologist's career. We select candidates which have keen intellectual ability, the highest moral and ethical standards, broad humanistic abilities, and the crucial drive and motivation to make a serious commitment to an intense and demanding educational experience. Our goals are high, but for those who will seriously undertake this commitment, residency can be the most rewarding of experiences. If you believe that you are up to the challenge, we invite you to apply for a position in our program.

Application and Selection Process 
The department participates in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) to select twelve residents for the Clinical Base (PGY-1) year annually. To apply to our categorical program applicants need to do so through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). To qualify for licensure in Oklahoma for PGY-1, each resident must have passed Step I and II and Step II CS of the USMLE.

All residency appointments are made through the NRMP process. The selection is made on the basis of examination scores, medical school performance, letters of recommendation, and the results of personal interviews. The faculty selection committee aims to recruit a successful candidate who possesses essential personal characteristics and interpersonal skills to effectively deal with both patients and physician colleagues in potentially stressful situations. 

Candidates for positions are interviewed generally on Friday. Interviews begin in October and end in December. The interview session begins informally Thursday night with a casual dinner with the residents. The formal interview begins at 7:30 a.m. Friday and consists of a general overview of the program, presented by the Program Director, individual interviews with the faculty and chief residents, a tour of the facilities, and lunch with our residents.

The Program
As required by the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA), the PGY-1 year is devoted to clinical training in non-anesthesia areas. The PGY-1 year of training is based at the INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City. OU Medical Systems is where clinical anesthesia training occurs. This includes OUMC, The Children’s Hospital, The VA Medical Center, The OUMC Ambulatory Surgery Center and The Peggy and Charles Stephenson Cancer Center. The three year Clinical Anesthesia curriculum is based on the ABA requirements. 

Education Program Administration

  • Pramod Chetty, M.D. - Vice Chair for Education, Core Residency Program Director
  • Casey Windrix, M.D. - Associate Program Director
  • Christine Vo, M.D. - Assistant Program Director
  • Keri Davis - Senior Resident Program Coordinator
  • Brian Johnson - Fellowship Program Coordinator
  • Brady Watson - Medical Student Coordinator