Neuroanesthesiology Fellowship

The University Of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Department Of Anesthesiology is pleased to offer a new fellowship program created for Academic year 2017 in Neuro-anesthesiology. This program has been developed to follow the format set forth by the Society for Neuroscience and Critical Care. One candidate will be accepted each year to fill the fellowship position. The candidate must be a graduate of an ACGME accredited anesthesiology residency training program and must have an Oklahoma Medical License.

The overall goals of the education program are:

  • To provide supervised training in patient care in the neuroanesthesia care setting.

  • To provide supervised training in the technical aspects and procedures related to the practice of neuroanesthsia care.

  • To provide training and mentoring in the fundamental aspects of clinical and or basic science research related to neuroanesthesiology.

  • To provide training in administrative, management and economic aspects of neuroanesthetic care, with a focus on collaborative practice and multi-disciplinary care delivery.

  • To allow the fellow to develop a sense of purpose with regard to ethical and humanistic aspects of care, with an emphasis on compassion and respect for patient-centered values.

  • To foster the fellow’s transition into a career as an independent, responsible, highly competent and self-sufficient neuroanesthesiologist.

  • To enhance quality neurosurgical outcomes by providing quality subspecialized neuroanesthesia care.

The curriculum will be based on the following objectives:

  • Adult Clinical Neuroanesthesia: 24 weeks or 6 months

  • Fellows will gain experience in anesthetic management of traumatic brain injury, brain tumors, aneurysms/av malformations, endoscopic neuro, spine procedures with a variety of pathology, as well as neurointerventional procedures.
  • Pediatric Neuroanesthesia:  4 weeks or 20-25 days

    Cases will include intracranial, spinal, peripheral nerve procedures as well as interventional neuroradiology

  • Neuro Critical Care: 4 week module plus 4 week elective

    Fellows will manage a variety of issues arising from the underlying neurological condition such as intracranial hypertension, cerebral vasospasm and the systemic complications of traumatic brain injury

  • Neuro-radiology / Endovascular Care: 4 week or 20-25 days

    Fellows will be exposed to neuroimaging modalities commonly used in the care of neurological patients. They will also be a part of the interventional neuroradiology team to develop a more in-depth knowledge of therapeutic radiologic procedures.

  • Intraoperative NeuroMonitoring:  4 week or 20-25 days

    Fellows will gain a more in depth understanding for the various neuro monitoring modalities such as SSEP, MEP, MMEP, EEG, BAEP, TCD sonography and cerebral oximetry.

  • Clinical Neuroscience Scholarship:  4 week module or 20-25 days plus one elective 4 week module

Fellow will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing work being conducted in our neurosurgical lab as well as develop an original idea for a research project suitable for presentation at the annual SNACC meeting.

Department Benefits for Neuro-Anesthesiology Fellow

Salary (2019-2020) $62.138+

Fringe benefits

  • License application fee reimbursement
  • License renewal fee reimbursement
  • Individual health and dental insurance (family coverage may be purchased at group rate)
  • Group life insurance
  • 2 monogrammed lab coats and laundry service
  • Free parking

Educational benefits

  • ASA membership
  • OSA membership (courtesy of OSA)
  • Discretionary account - $1,500
  • 24 hour computer access
  • E-mail account

Authorized absence

  • 15 days vacation each year
  • Up to 5 days professional leave (academic good standing)
  • Up to 15 days sick leave/year*

*According to University policy, residents are allowed to have 15 days of vacation and 15 days of sick leave per year. However, the ABA requires that residents only miss a total of 20 days per year during their Neuroanesthesia Fellowship.

Neuroanesthesiology Faculty

OU Medical Center

Jacqueline J. Smith M.D. – Neuro Anesthesiology Fellowship Program Director, Section Chief Neurosurgical  Anesthesiology Services, Associate Professor  and Adjunct  Clinical Associate Professor Department of Neurosurgery

Mehmet Ozcan M.D. – Medical Director Perioperative Surgical Home, Associate Director of Research, Associate Professor

Judith Handley M.D. - Pediatric Neuroanesthesiology coordinator, Medical Director of Pediatric Anesthesiology Trauma, Associate Professor

Robin Elwood M.D. - Vice Chair Clinical Affairs, Professor

Kofi Vandyck M.D. - Assistant Professor

Edward Kosik M.D. – John H. Saxon III, MD Professorship of Anesthesiology, Medical Director of Anesthesiology Simulation, Assistant Professor

Casey Windrix M.D. – Assistant Medical Director Perioperative Surgical Home, Assistant Professor

Please send all application requests and submissions to Brian Johnson.

Brian Johnson
Resident Program Coordinator
920 S. L. Young Boulevard Suit 1140
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Phone: (405) 271-4351 Ext. 55112
Fax (405) 271-8695

** Please submit with personal statement, any applicable training exam scores, 3 letters of recommendation, and any additional information that you think would strengthen your application.