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Date: March 9, 2016

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Scott Coppenbarger

OU Medical Center/The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center

Office: (405) 271-7900 X4

Cell (405) 593-5289



Oklahoma City – What better way to face the frightening and unknown than with the powers of a superhero?

Each year, thousands of children come through the doors of The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center facing illnesses, broken bones, surgery and treatments that are often scary and hard to understand. That’s why Children’sin partnership with Caped KIDsaders Children’s Hospital Foundation is working to empower hospitalized children through the Caped KIDsaders “Kids are CAPEable” program.

The program kicked off during a book signing and celebration at the hospital March 9. The Caped KIDsaders program brings superhero capes and the children’s book, “That Medicine I Will Not Take!” to children in the hospital.

Children’s Hospital CEO Jon Hayes said Children’s is proud to be the pilot hospital for the program – As a part of OU Medicine, the hospital’s mission is to lead health care. Hayes said this is an excellent example of how Children’s can set the example of being a kid-friendly hospital in every way.

“The Caped KIDsaders Foundation has done a fantastic job creating a whimsical book to encourage and entertain children through their time of healing,” said Hayes. “It’s our hope this program inspires children to be active participants in their recovery process, turning them from normal, everyday kids, to superheroes.” 

Hayes said even adults can relate to being a child and fantasizing about being a powerful superhero when times are tough.

“What better way to tie the scary experiences of the hospital to healing and well-being than the use of superheroes,” Hayes said.

The book, by Caped KIDsaders president and founder, Alonzo Cannon, tells a message of hope, independence and empowerment. And the program is all about kids feeling as if they are the bravest superheroes in the world.

“As an Oklahoma native, it was a natural choice for me to select The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center as the foundation’s first beneficiary,” Cannon said. 

“While it’s our mission to bring the Caped KIDsaders program to every children’s hospital in the country (and eventually, the world!), we have to take one step at a time, and I can’t think of a better place to start giving back than the place that gave me so much.”

For more information about Caped KIDsaders, visit


The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center has 326 inpatient beds and is the only freestanding comprehensive children's hospital in Oklahoma. The Children’s Hospital’s pediatric staff  have years of specialized pediatric training with education, research and technology to treat conditions ranging from cardiothoracic and oncology-related illnesses to neonatal specialty care and pediatric solid-organ transplants. The Children’s Hospital’s 96-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit provides the highest level of neonatal care in Oklahoma. The Children’s Hospital was one of the first hospitals in the country to provide total, comprehensive care for mothers and their newborns all in the same building. Additionally, the Women's & Newborn Center at The Children's Hospital provides family-centered newborn care for all types of deliveries—from routine to complicated, high-risk births—and offers the most comprehensive obstetrics program in the state. The Children’s Hospital is nationally ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top urology programs in the country. We are pioneering treatment for congenital heart disease and keeping children and babies with heart issues close to home with the comprehensive heart care provided at Children’s Heart Center. To find out more, visit


Caped KIDsaders Children’s Hospital Foundation
The mission of the Caped KIDsaders Children’s Hospital Foundation is to create an uplifting and inspiring experience for kids admitted to children’s hospitals.

Our mission will be achieved by donating the book, “That Medicine I Will Not Take!” the first in the series of Caped KIDsaders children’s picture books, to each child admitted for care.
In addition, the Foundation will gift specially designed Caped KIDsaders superhero-esque styled capes for the kids to wear during their hospital stay and to keep once they are discharged. Hospitals will also be given capes for their team of doctors and nurses to wear as well.

It is our belief that kids will identify with the main character’s plight in “That Medicine I Will Not Take! and enjoy the fun, catchy message – and ultimate resolution – that the book presents, as it is the same real-life result that they, too, seek for themselves. It is also our conviction that the combination of the story with the empowering vision of doctors, nurses and other child patients wearing capes will psychologically create an atmosphere for them that is free of fear and full of hope. It will instill in them confidence and promote bravery and positive attitude.

The Foundation aspires and will work for this to become a standard practice in children’s hospitals everywhere.