Welcome to the OU Medical Center Career Center. We appreciate your interest and invite you to carefully review our Standards of Excellence prior to viewing our career opportunities. These Standards were developed by OU Medicine employees to establish specific behaviors that all employees are expected to practice while at work. As you evaluate whether OU ​Medical Center is the right place to advance your career, please consider whether these Standards are consistent with your own work standards, beliefs and behaviors. If your answer is "Yes", please indicate by clicking the appropriate button below and you will be directed to the main Career Center page.

We approach our work in a professional manner:

  • I will model integrity by being honest and trustworthy in my work.
  • I will promote accountability by being responsible for my own actions.
  • I will discuss confidential and personal information in a private area.
  • I will work together with my colleagues to achieve our common goals.
  • I will demonstrate respect by treating others as I would expect to be treated.
  • I will treat our facilities and equipment as I would treat my own.
  • I will be on time for work, meetings and other commitments.
  • I will abide by the organization's dress code.
  • I will accept constructive feedback.

We believe effective communication is fundamental to everything we do:

  • I will introduce myself to patients, families, visitors and colleagues.
  • I will explain the expected duration of procedures, visits and delays to patients.
  • I will share appropriate information with people in a timely manner.
  • I will communicate effectively by speaking clearly and actively listening while learning and sharing information.
  • I will wear my ID badge where it can easily be seen.
  • I will communicate effectively through all levels of our organization.
  • I will communicate with sincerity, honesty and cultural understanding.
We are sensitive to the needs of those we serve:
  • I will always act with compassion, kindness, empathy and patience.
  • I will be respectful and courteous to everyone because they are important to our organization.
  • I will make myself available to those in need.
  • I will respect cultural, religious and social backgrounds.

We are committed to quality service:

  • I will be committed to understanding and applying best practices.
  • I will continually review my performance and strive to improve myself and the outcome of my work.
  • I will be committed to everyone's safety.
  • I will pursue my duties to completion.
  • I will strive to be helpful in every situation.
  • I will demonstrate and encourage positive behaviors.

We always look for better ways to take care of our patients:

  • I will take pride and ownership in innovation within OU Medicine by committing to new technology and research.
  • I will be committed to developing new knowledge and sharing it with others.
  • I will promote innovation that will benefit those we serve.
  • I will actively support, mentor and coach to foster a constructive learning environment.
  • I will pursue opportunities to learn and grow.

Yes, I share your commitment to these
standards and will consistently practice
these behaviors at work.

No, I cannot commit to these standards
at this time.