Blaine Mooers, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Director of the Laboratory of Biomolecular Structure and Function
2016-2017 Chair Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource Users Executive Committee
2016-2017 Member, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource Scientific  Advisory Committee
2016-2017 Member, Linac Coherent Light Source Users Executive Committee

Ph.D., Oregon State, 1997

Phone: (405) 271-8300


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 975 N.E. 10th, BRC468
 Oklahoma City, OK  73104

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Dr. Chris Fennell, visiting seminar on 23 May 2017 about oculus rift and molecular graphics. Chris is an excellent scientist and an excellent artist. This seminar will be a visual treat!

Molecular Graphics Workshop, 15 Feb. 2017 at Northeastern State University  Useful as a self-directed tutorial on how to get up and running with PyMOL in less than one hour. Can download as a pdf.

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Structural biology of messenger RNA editing in the mitochondria of trypanosome

Uridine (U) insertion/deletion editing in trypanosomes is an extensive post-transcriptional process that corrects the coding sequence of most mitochondrial mRNAs.  This editing is required for the subsequent expression of several mitochondrial proteins.  The number of Us that are inserted far exceeds that number that are deleted; there is a net increase in the number of codons after editing.  An enzyme cascade does the editing in the mitochondrion.  The editing reactions are directed by a number of different guide RNAs.  Each guide RNA has the sequence complement of a fragment of the final edited mRNA sequence. Consequently, much of the genetic information for the final RNA transcript comes from both its corresponding gene and the genes for the set of guide RNAs that direct its editing.  In other words, the genetic information flows from DNA to RNA along multiple parallel pathways.  This is an interesting variation of the central paradigm of molecular biology that information flows along one pathway from DNA→RNA→protein.  The evolutionary basis for such a complex and expensive system of information flow is still unclear. 

Our goal is to obtain a rigorous description of the structural biology of this type of RNA editing to improve our understanding of its evolutionary basis, clarify the relationship between this type of RNA editing and other types of RNA editing, and to provide a structural basis of the design of better drugs to fight infections with trypanosomes which threaten 600 million people worldwide. 


Selected Publications (*corresponding author, pdb codes from structures determined in my lab or by me):  [MyNCBI Bibliography][Google Scholar Bibliography] [Search Pubmed for Mooers-BH]

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