Lester A. Reinke


Professor, Departent of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Professor, Department of Cell Biology


B.S., Pharmacy, University of Nebraska,
M.S., Medicinal Chemistry, University of Nebraska,
Ph.D., Biomedicinal Chemistry, University of Nebraska Medical Center


Alcoholic liver injury: Although a relationship between chronic alcohol abuse and liver injury has been known for centuries, the mechanisms through which alcohol damages the liver are not clearly established. Alcohol-induced oxidative stress is thought to have a major role in this toxicity. Chronic alcohol exposure induces several forms of hepatic cytochrome P-450, especially CYP 2E1, and this isozyme is considered to be an important source of oxygen radicals. Alcohol also promotes absorption of bacterial endotoxin from the gastrointestinal tract, which activates liver macrophages to increase production of nitric oxide and several inflammatory cytokines. These and related changes in liver function are the major focus of research in my laboratory.

• Free Radicals and Spin Trapping: Free radicals have been implicated in the pathogenesis of a number of disease states. Because most free radicals are highly reactive and have extremely short half-lives, their roles in tissue injury have been difficult to study directly. Many radicals can be trapped with suitable spin trapping agents, and the resulting spin adducts can be detected with electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy. My laboratory is exploring novel biological applications of the spin trapping technique, and its potential for the study of free radical toxicology.


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