The University of Oklahoma Department of Medicine
Cardiovascular Fellows 2018-2019

First Year Fellows

Jared Hooker 1st year Tanzeel Iqbal
Tiffany Mao 1st year
Hunter Rhodes 1st year
 Jared Hooker Tanzeel Iqbal
Tiffany Mao Hunter Rhodes

 Second Year Fellows

Mark Anderson 2nd year Zain Asad 2nd year Isaac Meier 2nd year Andrew Williams 2nd year
​Mark Anderson
Zain Asad
​Isaac Meier
Andrew Williams

 Third Year Fellows 

Adam Burroughs 3rd year Daniel Gilada 3rd year Cole Tunnell 3rd year Benoy Varghese 3rd year
​Adam Burroughs   ​Daniel Gilada
​Cole Tunnell ​Benoy Varghese

 Interventional Fellows  

Blake Morris IC Amod Amritphale IC

Blake Morris ​Amod Amritphale    

EP Fellows

Ali Yousif EP Daniel Sohinki EP Steven Hamilton EP  
 Ali Yousif ​Daniel Sohinki  Steven Hamilton