Medical Student Education – Second Year


OU Department of Neurology faculty members play an integral role in the education of medical students in the second year of their training, including the following:


  • In the Neuroscience course, a neurology faculty member co-directs the ​9-week course and multiple neurology faculty members provide lectures in collaboration with basic science and psychiatry faculty members.
  • In the Clinical Medicine course, neurology faculty members:
      • Co-direct and teach in Standardized Patient Problem-Based Learning (SPBL) sessions.
      • Train students in the performance of the “Essential Neurologic Exam” via the same video-based lecture presented in the first year followed by hands-on training sessions and the “Neurologic Idol” competition.

See “Medical Students” webpage for contact information.


 Neurologic Idol Winners 2008

NeuroDeptWebsite_04_Education & Training_01_Medical Students_01_First & Second Years_Idol 2008

Neurologic Idol Winners 2018

2018_M2_Neuro Idol Season 12_Mod Champions_2018.11.09_Miranda Smith & mod 158_cropped