Clinic & Administrative Staff

Clinic Staff


Rhonda Bolden, Clinic Manager

Bennett Madison

Madison Bennett, LPN- Adult

Blakely Johnny

Johnny Blakey, Patient Services Rep. Team Lead

Burnett Vincent

Vincent Burnett, Patient Services Rep. IV

Cox Bayli

Bayli Cox, MA-Adult

Davis Loretta

Loretta Davis, Patient Services Rep. II

Ervin Nia

Nia Ervin, LPN-Adult


Jobeth Juergens, Patient Services Rep. III

Lopez Zoriada

Zoraida Lopez, Patient Services Rep. III

Mielke Chelsea

Chelsea Mielke, LPN-Pediatrics


Sarah McGugan, Patient Services Rep. III

Nall Asheli

Asheli Nall, RN-Adult

Rice Adrianna

Adrianna Rice, Patient Services Rep. III

Shanice Salazar

Shanice Salazar, LPN-Adult

Taylor Lindsey

Lindsey Taylor, MA-Pediatrics


Ashley Vasquez, Patient Services Rep. III

Administrative Staff

Barnes Todd

Todd Barnes, Business Administrator

Humphrey Julie

Julie Humphrey, Sr. Administrative Assistant
Kallenberger Candace

Candace Kallenburger, Resident Coordinator, Assistant to the Chair


Fahmida Khan, Quality Coordinator

Norwood Brandy

Brandy Norwood, Admin. Manager

Sanders Kathy

Kathy Sanders, Staff Accountant

Watkins Tom

Tom Watkins, IT  Support