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Online Slides
Online whole slide images (virtual slides) for medical students and residents.

Pathology Case of the Month
A case-oriented pathology teaching program which utilizes classic case material. Cases are posted on-line each month. This site welcomes contributions. 
Organized by Drs. Kar-Ming Fung & Ravi Sawh.

A neuropathology learning program with case study material, quiz, and didactic text.
Organized by Dr. Kar-Ming Fung.

Case Reports
An online collection of unusual cases. 
Organized by Mr. James Collins.

Useful Links
Links to other Resources

Whole Slide Image (WSI) Evaluation Study
This program is designed to evaluate the efficacy of using WSI technology in diagnostic pathology. Organized by Joel Ramey (MSII) and Dr. Lewis Hassell.

Pathology Quiz Collection
Links to online multiple choice type quiz questions in anatomic pathology.

OU Anatomic Pathology Quiz 
An quiz program in general anatomic pathology, mainly surgical pathology.
Organized by Dr. Kar-Ming Fung.

A quiz program in cytology and cytopathology.
Organized by Drs. Stanley Lightfoot and Kar-Ming Fung.

A learning program in hematology and hematopathology.
Organized by Drs. Nasir Bakshi, George Pirumyan, Brandon Guthery, and Kar-Ming Fung.

A quiz program in neuropathology, a component of NeuroLearn.
Organized by Dr. Kar-Ming Fung.

Neuropathology Lecture Series
A monthly neuropathology didactic lecture designed for pathology, neurosurgery, and neurology residents. The core lectures follow a two-year cycle and there are also two guest lectures every year. 
Organized by Drs. Kar-Ming Fung and Ethan Stolzenberg.

Neuropathology Interactive Session
This is a monthly neuropathology interactive opportunity between the neuropathology staff and pathology and neurology residents. It takes the format of case discussion, unknown slides review, and journal club.  
Organized by Drs. Kar-Ming Fung and Ethan Stolzenberg.

Educational Programs Sponsored in Part by the Department of Pathology

International Association of Chinese Pathologists-Online Publication (IACP-OLP) 
IACP-OLP is the official online educational program of IACP and contains quiz-type questions and teaching cases.

This page is a work-in-progress intended as an educational tool for medical students, residents and other trainees. Contact us.