William Brinkley, DVM

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Biomedical Science Research Center 
975 N.E. 10th St 
BRC 1032 
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

PHONE: (405) 271-5185

E-MAIL:  William Brinkley


Associate Professor

Director, Rodent Resources Program


Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 1980

American College of Veterinary Pathology 
Washington, D.C.
Residency, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
Diplomate, 1989

American College of Laboratory Medicine
Institute of Surgical Research
San Antonio, Texas
Diplomate, 1995

Professional Memberships

American Veterinary Medical Association (1980-present) 
American College of Veterinary Pathologists (1989-present) 
American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (1995-present) 
American Society for Laboratory Animal Practitioners (1995-present) 
American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (1995-present)


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