Treatment for Children with Sexual Behavior Problems

Jane F. Silovsky, PhD
Elizabeth Bard, PhD (Co-Director, School-Age Program)
Jimmy Widdifield, Jr., LPC  (Co-Director, School-Age Program)


To refer a child to the program, contact the PSB Coordinator at (405) 271-8001 x 45164 or email

Services Provided / Populations Served
This assessment and treatment program serves children ages 3-6 (preschool program) and 7-12 (school-age program) who have demonstrated inappropriate or problematic sexual behavior.  Caregivers are required to participate services with their child(ren).  

 Cost of Services
There is no cost to the family.  Services are funded by a contract with the Oklahoma Department of Human ServicesJuvenile Bureau, and Office of Juvenile Affairs
Location of Services 
Services are provided at the 
Child Study Center (1100 NE 13 Street, Oklahoma City, OK, 73114).

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 More Information

For more information about assessment and treatment services, please contact the PSB Coordinator at (405) 271-8001 x 45164 or email

For more information about children and/or adolescents with problematic sexual behavior, please visit