Jump Start Developmental Clinic

The goal of Jump Start Development Clinic at OUSCS is to help families and care providers understand the developmental and behavioral strengths and challenges faced by young children suspected of having developmental delays or Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). We provide a family-friendly, coordinated, interdisciplinary evaluation specifically designed for young children.

Interdisciplinary Team
Our interdisciplinary team consisting of a developmental pediatrician, psychologist, speech-language pathologist, and parent advocate provides a coordinated evaluation that considers both developmental and behavioral challenges and strengths of the child and family and provides both counseling and a diagnostic report that includes individualized recommendation for family and service providers.

Interdisciplinary Team Members
Thomas Lock, MD, Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
Laura McGuinn, MD, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician
Melanie Nelson, PhD, Clinical Child Psychologist
Chuck Edgington, PhD, Psychologist
Duane Howell, Family Partner

Every infant/child eligible for Jump Start Development Clinic will be offered services regardless of ability to pay. Insurance, Medicaid or other third party sources, if available, will be billed for services.

Referrals and Information
Services and consultations for children from birth to 4 years with or suspected of having developmental delays are available through the OUCSC intake office at (405) 271-5700.

Referrals to the Jump Start Developmental Clinic may be made by physicians, parents, guardians, child welfare workers, teachers, school professionals, counselors, social workers and other health care professionals.