Oklahoma LEND is hosted by the University Affiliated Program of Oklahoma and the Department of Pediatrics in the College of Medicine, OU Health Science Center. The Oklahoma LEND program supports the concept of interdisciplinary care or teamwork with members from a variety of disciplines working together to support the most important part of the team - the child and their family. With this model, family values and concerns are respected as highly as those of the professionals providing the service and are a valuable part of the team decision making process. The involvement of the child's family as an active partner is critical to the success of any program.

One purpose of the Program is to provide interdisciplinary leadership training opportunities for a small select group of advanced graduate students - one from each of fourteen disciplines including: Audiology, Dentistry, Education-Special Education, Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Parent and Family Issues, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Public Health, Self Advocate Issues, Social Work and Speech-Language Pathology. Training is based on the core principles of person/ family-centered services, cultural competence, interdisciplinary teaming and inclusive practices. The focus includes the area of developmental disabilities, available state and community resources and primary leadership and advocacy issues for children and youth with developmental disabilities and their families. Students selected to participate as long-term trainees complete 300+ hours of interdisciplinary activities in a year that are in addition to their discipline-specific academic requirements.