PCIT Training Opportunities

Until recently, Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) has been taught and practiced largely within a small number of University-affiliated laboratories or PCIT experts at OUHSC are currently investigating an alternative co-therapy PCITtraining model using internet-based remote live consultation.  In this approach, internet telemedicine technology is used to allow supervisors to observe sessions from a remote location many miles away, directly coach practitioners during the session, and take over the session to coach parents directly and demonstrate PCIT techniques, all in real-time.  In a state such as Oklahoma, in which a large percentage of the population resides in rural areas, rurally based therapists have had limited or no access to the type of direct consultation utilized in the traditional PCIT training approach. However, with the incorporation of internet-based remote technology, advanced PCIT training may be feasible for therapists across the U.S. centers, including the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.  Specific training protocols developed in these University PCIT centers typically include an intensive didactic component where trainees learn the theory base, receive an overview of the session-by-session PCIT protocol, observe demonstration sessions conducted by accomplished trainers and role-play techniques.  Most importantly, however, the traditional University training approach includes approximately six months of post-didactic consultation via co-therapy.  Trainees first join accomplished PCIT trainers behind the mirror and observe their practice, then trainees conduct sessions under the direct observation of the trainer for several full cases.  In these co-therapy sessions, trainers may give direct real-time feedback to trainees or may take over coaching the parent in order to demonstrate a particular PCIT technique.

Training Opportunities

Basic PCIT Training Options

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Training for individuals or small groups

Standard training takes place at the University of Oklahoma Child Study Center.

  • Training lasts five days in one week, plus two days about eight to ten weeks later.

  • Includes didactics, role-playing, skills modeling and in vivo skills practice.

  • Maximum of 12 participants per training.

  • The cost is $4,000 per person.

    • The price includes both workshops, one year of weekly phone consultation and treatment and coding manuals.

Training for groups, sites or agencies (8 or more)

This covers the same material as a standard 7-day training but is a combination of video-based training and on-site (your location) training. Didactics are presented by video accessed via the Internet, with about 17 to 20 hours of accompanying activities.

  • Four days of training will be held at your site.

  • Includes role-playing, skills modeling and in vivo skills practice.

  • Maximum of eight participants per training cohort.

  • The cost is $3,500 per person, plus trainer travel costs.

    • The cost includes one year of weekly consultation calls and treatment and coding manuals.

Advanced PCIT

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Advanced training provides the opportunity to discuss advanced issues in PCIT, adaptation and tailoring of PCIT for challenging cases and addressing individual site-related implementation concerns.

  • Appropriate for therapists who have completed at least two PCIT cases.

  • Trainees must have prior completed Standard/Basic PCIT training.

  • Advanced training done over two and one-half days at OUHSC and is $4,500 per person.

Within-Agency Trainer Training

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Within-Agency Trainer (WATer) Training allows therapists to train other therapists within their agency to do PCIT using a co-therapy model.

  • Suitable for individuals who have successfully completed at least four PCIT cases and have demonstrated proficiency in the PCIT application.

  • Trainees must have prior completed Advanced PCIT training.

  • Applicants are required to submit therapy tapes for consideration before acceptance into WATer Training.

  • Cost is $750 per therapist/trainer.

Consultation and Supervision Options

Consultation calls:

Weekly case consultation by phone with the OUHSC training team is included in the cost of basic training but also available to those who have completed basic training elsewhere. This meets PCIT International training guidelines for ongoing consultation for one-year or completion of two cases.

A toll-free call-in number is provided. Calls may include up to eight therapists ($25 per person per call or $1,000 for 50 weekly calls.)

Session review:

OUHSC also offered review of recorded sessions. This meets PCIT International training guidelines for skill review, including CDI teaching session, CDI coaching session, PDI teaching Session and PDI coaching session.

Written or verbal feedback is provided. Cost is $75 per session tape reviewed.

View a sample Remote Live Supervision

Remote Live Supervision:

Trainers are available to provide live supervision for one PCIT session per week using teleconferencing equipment to view the session live and communicate with the therapist in real time. This meets PCIT International training guidelines for consultation and skill review.

Cost is $3,000 per therapist for one year of consultation, or $300 per month for a minimum of six months.

Equipment rental is $1,000 for up to one year. Equipment installation costs depend on needs but are $1,000 maximum.

The agency must provide a dedicated DSL line into the PCIT observation room.


You can also see a demonstration of a remote live consultation. This is great for those seeing their first few PCIT cases or who want to refresh their PCIT skills.

Registration Policies 

Registration fees must be received by the OUHSC PCIT Training Program in order to secure a training spot. No spots will be held without payment.

If training is canceled, registrants will be notified at least eight weeks before the training start date. Full refunds will be made promptly.

If a registrant can no longer attend a training, refunds will be made on the following schedule. Participant can schedule and register to attend a different training date in lieu of losing money.

  • More than eight weeks notice: full refund

  • Six to eight weeks notice: 50 percent refund

  • Four to six weeks notice: 25 percent refund

  • Less than four weeks notice: no refund

For training dates and more information, please contact Briana Anderson via email at Danielle-Whitworth@ouhsc.edu or by phone at 405-271-5700 ext. 45130

Training opportunities are also available through PCIT International.