Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator Training
PEARS and PALS for Rural Providers

EMSC was born of a 1985 federal legislative action to improve the emergency care provided to children in both the emergency departments and on ambulances. Oklahoma's EMSC chapter has been a resource center for our state since 1992 - providing education and equipment to the surrounding agencies. However, in light of recent studies, we are joining other EMSC centers around the country in an effort to improve. Did you know that Oklahoma is ranked 47th for having the most challenges in overall health to women, infants and children? How about that our infant mortality rate is 7.3% compared to a national 5.9% according to the CDC? Or that the Oklahoma Hospital Association estimated that between 12 and 42 hospitals in rural Oklahoma were in danger of closure? I find those numbers disturbing and believe we can do better. And I think you are part of the answer.

EMSC is hosting a score of educational opportunities specifically for the ambulance services and hospitals that are the lifelines of rural Oklahoma. More than that though, we will be helping those opportunities reach your entire team via one of your own. When you complete this training, you will be a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC) - a person capable of educating your team in American Heart Association pediatric care classes (these do count for CEUs), relaying training and classes directly from the experts at OU Childrens, and giving you the ability to contribute to improving the quality of care across Oklahoma with a direct link back to EMSC should you need assistance. Think of what we can do together to provide the best for even our smallest. 

Below, you will find a break-down of the two classes we have available as well as dates they are offered. You will need to complete the registration below, and provide a letter of recommendation from your agency. Space is limited to ensure you get all the attention you need.

Please register here: PEARS and PALS Registration for Rural Providers