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Academic Generalist Training Program


  The Academic Generalist Training Program at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center is a collaboration between Clinical Psychology, Family Medicine, General Internal Medicine and General Pediatrics as well as between the Oklahoma City and Tulsa campuses of OUHSC. This academic faculty training program is accredited by the Academic Pediatric Association. The administration of this program is located in the Section on General and Community Pediatrics on the Oklahoma City campus. 

 This program offers a unique opportunities to study a wide variety of research topics across a spectrum of health disciplines. Fellows can participate in ongoing research programs in, among others, vaccine delivery, obesity, smoking cessation, global health and medical education. Supporting the research programs are a practice-based research network (Oklahoma Child Health Research Network []), a secondary data analyses group and an active collaboration with Native American Tribes. Faculty and fellows are nationally funded, have been published in nationally-recognized peer-reviewed journals, and present at regional and national conferences.

Training Program 

This program is a two-to-three year research training experience designed specifically for physicians and other post-doctoral researchers. Offering rigorous education curriculum and mentored research activities in an environment that emphasizes multidisciplinary Heath Services Research (HSR), this program offers unique opportunities to address emerging issues in our dynamic healthcare system.

Trainees will have the ability to tailor their educational and research program to suit their interests, but most will take courses in the Clinical Translational Research Master’s program with the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in Clinical and Translational Research or Public Health.  Faculty for the program include specific expertise and mentoring skills in identified areas of national need, such as outcomes/health status and quality measurement, biostatistics, epidemiology, health economics, decision analysis, cost effectiveness analysis, and health policy. Didactic and research experiences are shared with other Pediatric Fellowship programs at OUHSC, including Emergency Medicine,EndocrinologyGastroenterologyNeonatology, and Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. Additionally, the Section on General and Community Pediatrics hosts Faculty who are at the leading of edge of research on childhood obesity, community advocacy, working with Hispanic populations, tobacco cessation, and adolescent decision-making surrounding vaccines. Opportunities for research and collaboration also exist at the OU-Tulsa Schusterman Campus.

Mission & Goals

The mission of the Academic General Pediatric Training Program at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center is to prepare post-doctoral trainees for academic careers as educators and investigators. The training program will train physicians and other post-doctoral researchers:

  • Conduct health servers research in an applied research setting
  • Stimulate improvement in the health care system’s responsiveness to diverse groups of patients, including minority, poor and other underserved populations, as direct providers and as health services researchers
  • Serve as role models and mentors in health services research
  • Design innovative curriculum and other educational programs

Fellowship Program Flyer 2014 

Training Program Application

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Heather Levi
Program Coordinator

Paul M. Darden, M.D.
Program Director,
Director of General and Community Pediatrics 

Stephen Gillaspy, Ph.D.
Associate Director,
Director of Research for General and Community Pediatrics

Academic Generalist Fellowship Training Program
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