Program Curriculum

At OUHSC, students receive a strong science, research, and psychosocial curriculum. Taken on a full-time basis, course work will require twenty-one (21) months of study. The total time for classroom courses, practicums, and thesis will be 48 credit hours.

Didactic course work

  • Didactic course work will encompass medical genetics, psychosocial theory, counseling techniques, clinical and molecular genetics, and cytogenetics.

  • The full 48 hours of course work must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 3.0; as well as attendance and/or participation in departmental journal club, Pediatrics grand rounds, clinic case conferences, committee meetings, and community outreach/education opportunities.

  • Class schedule 2018-2020


  • In addition to coursework, students conduct original research for a required thesis in an area of interest to the student.

    • Students produce a written thesis and present the thesis in an oral defense prior to graduation.

    • Students submit an abstract of their original work for presentation to an appropriate genetics meeting prior to graduation and, as appropriate, submit an article for publication.

    • Students also produce a poster which is presented at the GREAT Symposium and Pediatrics Research Day at OUHSC.

Clinical Practicums

  • Clinical practicums provide the students with supervised experience in many areas of clinical genetics including; prenatal diagnosis counseling, cancer genetics counseling, clinical metabolic genetics, and laboratory techniques in cytogenetics and molecular genetics, and others.

Other Required Activities

  • Presentation of current genetics research articles at Genetics Journal Club four (4) times over the 2-year program
  • Students are also expected to give a Genetics Education presentation to a local support group or organization outside the Genetics Section
  • Students complete a series of “reflection” assignments over the course of the program to aid in their professional development and take a series of multiple choice exams to provide feedback on their increasing didactic knowledge and provide additional examination experience.
  • Our students have also been involved in OUHSC GREAT (Graduate Research Education And Technology) and have successfully presented posters at the The GREAT Symposium

Sample Extra-Curricular Opportunities