Erin L. Youngs, MS, LCGC


Licensed Certified Genetic Counselor
Clinical Assistant Professor
Program Director, MSGC Program
Genetics section phone: 405.271.8685

Curriculum Vitae

Erin Youngs, MS, LCGC, is the Program Director of the Master's of Science in Genetic Counseling program (MSGC) and clinical assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Section of Genetics. Erin graduated from Central Methodist University in Fayette, MO in 2007 with a BS in Biology and received her MS in Genetic Counseling from OUHSC in 2009.

From 2009-2015 Erin was a full time clinical genetic counselor practicing in various areas of genetics including pediatric, adult and cancer, with cancer being her primary focus area. In her free time, Erin enjoys exploring Oklahoma with her husband and two children.