Klaas Wierenga, MD



Medical Director

Associate Professor
phone: 405.271.8685
email: Klaas-Wierenga@ouhsc.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Klaas Wierenga, MD, associate professor of pediatrics, is a physician in the Section of Genetics. He is heavily involved in patient care, research and medical education. In addition to his clinical and academic contributions, Wierenga is also taking steps to ensure that geneticists can remain actively engaged with the data that lab tests provide. Along with a colleague at the University of Miami, he is designing software that will analyze exome sequences, presenting them to the physician in a usable format that can easily be interpreted by a clinician. 

On the research front, Dr. Wierenga has teamed up with BioMarin Pharmaceuticals to offer a sponsored clinical trial for patients suffering from phenylketonuria, or PKU. The trial, Prism 301, tests the safety and efficacy of the experimental drug BMN 165. PKU is a metabolic disorder, largely managed by manipulating the diet. However, dietary compliance tends to be low, especially in adolescents and adults. Dr. Wierenga is hopeful that BMN 165 will prove to be a life changing treatment for many patients. In addition, he and his team will participate in the continuation study, Prism 302, which will look at the long term tolerability of BMN 165.