Internal Med-Ped 2019 class
Current Residents 
 ​Anthony shelton IM pic        ​Rana Kasht 7-15-19           Ben upton IM pic
​Anthony Shelton, MD ​Rana Kasht, MD ​Benjamin Upton, MD
 ​OU College of Medicine
Dr. ​​Shelton is from Ada, Oklahoma and is interested in becoming a Pediatric and Adult Hospitalist.  He chose our OU Med/Peds program because he wanted to be around people who absolutely want the best for him.

​Jordan University of Science/Technology
Dr. Kasht is from Amman, Jordan with the aspirations of becoming a primary care physician.  She chose our Med/Peds program because OU had all what she needed to become a well-trained primary care physician; a comprehensive curriculum, exposure to a diverse patient population and a family like supportive atmosphere.  The fact that she gets to do this while staying close to family and friends is a bonus. 
​University of Texas-San Antonio
Dr. ​Upton grew up in Abilene, Texas.  Although he has some deciding to do, he is interested in hospital medicine as well as cardiology and transitional care.  Wherever he ends up he plans to stay in academic medicine.

 Hassan, Ahmad  Nimri, Sarah           Srimanthula, Sowmya
Ahmad Hassan, MD Sarah Nimri, MD Sowmya Srimanthula, MD
 King Edward Medical University - Pakistan
Dr. Hassan is from Lahore, Pakistan his aspiration is to do a Internal Medicine ​fellowship either in Hem/Onc or GI.  He chose the Med/Peds program ​for the strong base we have at OU in both the Pediatric and Internal Medicine Program. He felt both programs were well known back in his home country and were residents here so to work with them and learn from them was a great source of inspirations and prestige.
 University of Jordan Faculty of Medicine
Dr. ​Nimri was born and raised in ​Jordan.  ​She enjoys working with patients from all age groups and would like to pursue a combined fellowship, in addition to being involved in research and academics.  She chose OU Med/Peds because of the high quality education and training in addition to the program genuinely caring for their residents and well-being.
 Kakatiya Medical College
Dr. Srimanthula was born and raised in rural India.  Her interests are rural health, preventive health and endocrinology.  She is still exploring her best career options.  She was drawn to OU Med/Peds because of the friendly nature of the program.  She felt like the faculty were very approachable and like to teach the residents while the senior residents are great mentors.  She also loved the challenges the residents face to become stronger physicians.

        Fayyaz, Anum                Nimri, Jena                    Siddiqui, Anam
Anum Fayyaz, MD ​ Jena Nimri, MD Anam Siddiqui, MD
 Lahore Medical Pakistan
Dr. Fayyaz is from Quetta, Pakistan.  She is looking forward to pursue both Medicine and Pediatrics after graduating.  Her interests at this time are broad and encompass but are not limited to, evidence based medicine Biopsychosocial approach in health care and all the wonders of academia.  She chose the OU Med/Peds program because of the challenge and the demanding aspects of a dual specialty.  It was imperative for her to choose a program that has commitment to great leadership and fosters a supporting environment.
 University of Jordan
Dr. Nimri was born and raised in Jordan.  She is interested in Rheumatology and have a career in academics.  She chose our program because she found excellent academic education, outstanding clinical training and most importantly a friendly and caring environment.
 Jinnah Sindh Med College Pakistan
Dr. Siddiqui was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan.  She aspires to become an adult and pediatric Rheumatologist.  Her aim is to be part of an academic institution where I can be involved in both clinical and research pathways.  She chose OU because of its diversity, friendly atmosphere and well-structured curriculum.  Since OMRF is a part of OU that was one of the reasons why OU appealed to her.

         Moyer, Amanda             Sheikh, Ghias              Sukhera, Fatima
Amanda Moyer, MD Ghias Sheikh, MD Fatima Sukhera, MD

Chief Resident
University of Oklahoma  OUHSC
Dr. Moyer is from Fargo, Oklahoma.  She is wanting to do combined adult & pediatric Rheumatology while staying in academic medicine.  She was late to the "Med/Peds game."  She always knew she liked Internal Medicine and then she did her Pediatrics rotation and realized she would not be satisfied if she couldn't take care of children.  She liked the complexity of Med/Peds and the critical care training it provided.  She wanted to be considered an expert for children and adults.
Allama Iqbal Med College  Pakistan
Dr. Sheikh is from Lahore, Pakistan though spent some of his childhood in Saudi Arabia & Dubai.  He wants to do Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine.  Ideally, ICU with continued outpatient Pulmonology & Transitional Pulm for adolescents transitioning to the adult specialty.  He chose OU for the fantastic experience interviewing here.  He loved the family friendly environment that he witnessed during interviews and that was very important to he and his wife, Fatima, since they were couple matching and had a child.  The huge catch for him was the diverse clinical experience with all specialties.
Allama Iqbal Med College  Pakistan
Dr. Sukhera was born in Pensacola, Florida but moved to Pakistan in the 4th grade.  She is planning on doing a Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellowship or working in an Urgent Care.  She was attracted to OU because it was very family friendly, unlike other programs most of the residents here had children and felt ​had an instant ​connection with the other residents here.  Everyone is very approachable and are provided with adequate learning resources which helps make it a healthy learning environment.

 ​Past Residents 2019
            Kirkpatrick, Blair                Sharma-Priamvada, Gargi         Vu, Duy
Blair Kirkpatrick, MD Gargi Sharma-Priamvada, MD Duy Vu, MD
Chief Resident 2018-2019
​OU College of Medicine
***Winner of the 2018-2019
Harris D. Riley Award***
Dr. Kirkpatrick is staying on at OUHSC and doing a Adult Gastroenterology ​Fellowship.

Rajarajeswari Medical
College in India

Dr. Priamvada is doing a Adult Nephrology Fellowship at UNC.

 University of Oklahoma
​OU College of Medicine
***​Winner of the 2018-2019 Rhett L. Jackson, M.D. Humanism in Medicine Award*** 
Dr. Vu is doing a combined Nephrology Fellowship at UNC.


 ​Past Residents 2018
                     Nadeem Nimri                                                 Rajesh Samannan
​Nadeem Nimri, MD ​Rajesh Samannan, MD
​University of Jordan
Dr. Nimri is doing his ​General
Cardiology Fellowship at 
Providence Hospital at Michigan
State University in Southfield, MI

  Stanley Medical College in India

Dr. Samannan is doing his 
Care Fellowship at the
University of Miami in Florida


 ​Past Residents 2017
    David Auld  
     Jenny Bauer   

         Elise Johannesen  

​David Auld, MD ​Chee Yoon (Jenny) Bauer, MD ​Elise Johannesen, MD
​​OU College of Medicine

Dr. Auld is working as a Med/Peds
Hospitalist at McAlester Regional
Health Center
​OU College of Medicine

Dr. Bauer did a Sleep Study Fellowship
at OUHSC and is now part of our
wonderful faculty.

OU College of Medicine

Dr. Johannesen is a Med/Peds
hospitalist at Medical City
North Hills Hospital in N. Richland Hills, TX



 ​Past Residents 2016
   Muhammad Farooqui 1-17-19       
    audrey Goodwin              Muhammad Khawar        
​Muhammad Farooq, MD ​Audrey Goodwin, MD ​Muhammad Khawar, MD
​Nishtar Medical College 
Dr. Farooq did a Fellowship in
​ Nephrology/Critical Care
at Wayne State University

​OU College of Medicine 
Dr. Goodwin is working in Adult
and Pediatric Care at 
Edmond Renaissance Clinic
in Edmond, Oklahoma

​Nishtar Medical College 
Dr. Kwahar did a Fellowship
in Pulmonary/Critical Care
at University of Cincinnati

 ​Past Residents 2015
       Kristin Lewis              Scott Melson                 Rapha Searing
​Kristin Lewis, MD ​Scott Melson, MD ​Rapha Searing, MD
OU College of Medicine​​
​OU College of Medicine 
Dr. Melson is doing general 
Pediatrics Primary Care at 
Just Kids Pediatrics in
Oklahoma City.
​​Saba University-Netherlands 
Dr. Searing is a 
Medicine Hospitalist at 
Integris Baptist in 
Oklahoma City


We do like to have fun in the Med/Peds Department!  It's always good to have a sense of humor!