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Applications Due: August 15, 2018

As part of the NIH-Funded IDeA States Pediatric Clinical Trials Network (ISPCTN), the Department of Pediatrics is seeking qualified candidates to apply for the Oklahoma Pediatric Clinical Trials Network (OPCTN) scholars program. This two-year program will include extensive training for clinicians interested in research that includes performing clinical trials. OPCTN Scholar candidates are Pediatric Faculty who are within 10 years of the completion of their training programs, or are redirecting their focus of work from clinical work to research-focused work. Each Scholar must have an identified mentor with a record of established research and publications.  Preference is given to candidates with demonstrated research experience, including conference presentations and manuscripts in development or published, a clinical research proposal that includes a clinical trial or will result in future clinical trials, as well as substantial commitment from their Section. 

OPCTN Scholars will receive two years of financial support, October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2020, and are expected to receive 20% of their salaried time to dedicate toward the OPCTN Scholarship program. In addition to working on their proposed project, they will be extensively involved in all aspects of the OPCTN project including membership in the OPCTN Executive Committee and in discussions with the ISPCTN DCOC, and other ISPCTN sites.   Additionally, OPCTN Scholars will participate in monthly facilitated peer mentoring meetings, apply for the OUHSC Faculty Leadership Program in their second year, and will have the opportunity to earn either a Master’s degree or Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science (MS and Cert. in CTS) through programs offered by the OSCTR Education and Mentoring core. OPCTN Scholars may participate in the Translating Practice into Research (TPIR) program developed by the OSCTR Education and Mentoring core as a “boot camp” to introduce clinicians to research and provide them with education and assistance with the development of a clinical protocol.  Finally, training in human subjects’ protection for biomedical, social and behavioral research as well as Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certification is required of all scholars.

All scholars are required to have a mentor.  The mentor should have a proven track record with clinical trials and research studies evidenced by presentations, publications and funding.  The role of the mentor is to help the candidate be successful by helping to identify and get resources needed, provide guidance for the project, identify appropriate meetings to present their work and journals to publish in as well as grants to apply for.

OPCTN Faculty Fellow FAQ's

  • I am on an H-1B work visa, i.e I am not a U.S citizen/permanent resident with a green card. Am I still eligible for this program?  - Yes, however, getting a 20% time release from clinical duties to engage in clinical trials may violate the terms of your work visa.  You should check with legal.

  • Does the mentor have to be from OUHSC?   - An outside mentor is fine but there has to be a local mentor as well to help with institutional specific issues. 

  • If we already completed the MS CTS program, are we still eligible? - Yes 

  • Are psychology faculty eligible for this? - Yes