"Imaging, and especially medical imaging, has been recognized as one of the greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century by the National Academy of Engineering. When leading internists were asked to evaluate the relative importance of 30 medical innovations for their patients, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computerized tomography (CT) scanning received the highest ranking."    -M.W. Vannier, E.V. Staab, and L.P. Clarke, "Matching Clinical and Biological Needs With Emerging Imaging Technologies", Proceedings of the IEEE, v.91, #10, 10-2003. 

The Department of Radiological Sciences logo with its x-y-z axis is intended to highlight the crucial contribution of modern three-dimensional imaging in effective patient care. 
Careful analysis of all images and correlating what is seen with clinical information is the basis for radiological interpretation. Our logo mark is made using two "O"s. The inner "O" is red for Oklahoma and it is more easily seen than the light gray "O". This represents the contrast which allows us to visualize the anatomy and physiology of the body through various imaging techniques. The outer "O" creates a cross sectional plane with the red "O" and the three dotted lines reflect three dimensional space - all components of the technical revolution begun with CT and maturing with MRI and CT/PET fusion allowing us to image the internal structures of the body and through advanced computer applications display 3D reconstructions which greatly enhances visibility in areas under study. Diagnostic radiologists must be able to recognize and interpret small details, represented by the dotted lines. The precision of the dotted lines is also part of radiological practice with increasing abilities to study the smallest anatomic parts and contemporary interventional studies providing access to the smallest arteries for diagnosis and therapy or small lesions for biopsy. The very observant will notice the tiny arrow that points to the exact center location, demonstrating precision and identifying the point where six lines come together. Like thorough evaluation of an imaging study where all information comes together to make the correct interpretation and support our referring physicians in the care of their patients.

The font for "Diagnostic Radiology" has exaggerated thick and thin strokes. The small font is tucked between the vertical line and the ‘g'. The varied typefaces remind us that some images are very obvious, some are hard to see and all are important to accurate interpretation.

The overview of our logo shows the red "O" for Oklahoma and bisecting lines which cross in the center. Together we make the whole, each doing our part to make our Program exceptional from PGY-2 through PGY-5, fellows, faculty and our administrative support. We are encircled by the outer "O", reminding us we are part of a larger picture - the profession of radiology. The University of Oklahoma Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program is dedicated to academic excellence, the use of leading edge technology in support of quality patient care and development of the radiology professionals of the future.