Center for the Advancement of Research Excellence in Surgery

Driven by a mission to improve patient outcomes through high-quality research, the department of surgery is striving to lead the region in clinical trials, high-impact science, ethical industry partnerships and extramural grant funding.

The department will accomplish this vision by:

  • Developing the next generation of surgeon scientists
  • Reducing system barriers to high-quality science
  • Creating a pathway to transform ideas into answered questions for clinically-busy surgeons
  • Reducing waste in research (time, money and effort)

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Department of Surgery faculty, resident or medical student working on a project with surgery.

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OU Cares Research

Core Surgical Research Team

Katherine Morris, M.D.
Director, OU Cares

  • Develops translational research goals in coordination with the department of surgery leadership
  • Point of contact for interested PIs
  • Mentors junior investigators in development of research component of career
  • Reviews pilot grants
  • Assists in Annual Resident Research Day

Tabitha Garwe, Ph.D.
Director, Outcomes Research

  • Develops goals of Outcomes Research in coordination with the department of surgery leadership
  • Mentors dedicated Outcomes Research residents
  • Assesses and distributes requests for study design and data analysis from investigators
  • Reviews pilot grants
  • Assists in Annual Resident Research Day

Min Li, Ph.D.
Director, Surgical Bench Sciences and Education

  • Develops bench research visiting lecturers program quarterly
  • Runs pilot grant program with annual awards
  • Reviews pilot grants
  • Assists in Annual Resident Research Day

William Berry, Ph.D.
Director, Preclinical Experimental Therapeutics

  • Mentors junior investigators in designing bench science projects
  • Provides pre-submission review for new and renewing IACUC and IBC protocols
  • Assists investigators with IACUC/IBC regulatory questions
  • Leads Annual Resident Research Day
  • Reviews pilot grants

Theresa Lander
Lead Regulatory Support

  • Provides assistance with IRB application
  • Notifies and assists PI with upcoming renewal/reporting requirements
  • Assists PI with management and reporting of protocol violations
  • Assists with IRIS uploads
  • Assures departmental IRB compliance
  • Develops departmental auditing process for trials under IRB over next 3 years with assistance from McEwen/Lander/Morris

Karla McEwen
Lead Research RN Support

  • Point of contact for potential new industry trials
  • Provides Clinical RN support for specimen management and regulatory compliance
  • Provides documentation support and management for clinical trials
  • Provides assistance with clinical trial audits
  • Leads researchdocumentation in inpatient EMR coordination
  • Assists with budget recommendations for new industry trials

Megan Lerner
Lead Content and Publication Prep Support

  • Point of contact for requesting medical editor/medical illustrator assistance
  • Tissue processing, IHC, and H and E figure generation for publication
  • Surgical tissue banking in collaboration with Morris/Berry/Li
  • Collaborative bridge between VA, OMRF and non-surgical PIs
  • Assists Lander/McEwen with regulatory adherence, consenting and sample management