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Dr. Dee H. Wu, Ph. D - Chief, Technology Applcations and Translational Research
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Developing Infrastructure and Improving Logistics for Clinical Medicine ...

We have expertise in improving clinical protocols and methodology. Collaboration is the cornerstone of our practice strategy for "clinical translation," which  seeks to improve medicine and society by novel technology implementation and appropriate use.  To learn more, consider reading the OU Medicine Biannual Publication, "Scientist Traverses Disciplines to Meet Needs in Medicine" on page 34. Dr. Wu’s section is strengthened by his ability to integrate collaborators across diverse departments on and across the state's universities and institutions.

Connecting Our Community through the Better Use of Technology and Education in Medicine ...

We facilitate the proper operation of medical imaging equipment that is essential for our hospital system. This includes the evaluation of hardware and software and working closely with medical staff and manufacturers to achieve the best results. Our goal also concerns better safety practice and to ensure compliance with regulatory mandated requirements. We rely on solid physics/engineering fundamental skills that are then applied to real-life problems. We also assist with the development and clinical protocols and continually improve their standardization alongside physician teams. Our team has a strong commitment to achieve a high level of educational service, to increase opportunities for clinical/translational research, and to improve patient care whenever possible.

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Clinical Technology

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