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Dr. Dee H. Wu, Ph. D - Chief, Technology Applcations and Translational Research
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Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)

- By Dr. Dee Wu

In general, we refer to functional imaging as the observation and measurement of any physiologically based activity over time. However, the major applications of what is called fMRI are related to brain imaging studies. We are interested in assisting other medical and psychology groups with their studies. We recognize that it is a team effort to extract nuanced signals from clinical patients. Our group is experienced in many varieties of neurological tasks that surround fMRI techniques. These include: the processing of spatial statistics with design of experiments, cognitive paradigms, stimulus equipment, and modeling/interpretation of the underpinning mechanisms of blood oxygen level-dependent imaging methods.


Requirements for High Quality Functional Imaging:

1. Solid understanding of neuroscience and experimental psychology design
2. Solid fundamentals in experimental design (statistical models through general linear mixed modeling)
3. Statistical and deterministic image processing
4. Electronics and sensor design
5. Understanding basic physiological mechanisms and scanner technologies
6. Recognizing needs for interdepartmental services

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